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Burney provides the individual investor with personalized account management typically available only to institutional clientele. Each client works with an experienced Portfolio Manager, supported by a dedicated team of analysts. We focus on building relationships that provide powerful support in both strong and challenging markets.


Our Customized Portfolios and the Burney Master Portfolio combine a strategic perspective on Size and Style with Burney's time-tested stock selection methodology. The Master Portfolio provides a classic value-oriented approach, while a customized portfolio is more adaptive to each client's specific situation.

Balanced Portfolios are created by combining one or both of our equity strategies with an appropriate mix of Bonds, Preferred Stocks, REITs, and International Equities.


The Burney Company's proprietary stock selection process is combined with the Size and Style Analysis principles of Nobel Laureate William Sharpe. Sharpe discovered and proved that Size and Style are important variables in determining an equity portfolio's return. This understanding can provide outstanding opportunities for savvy investors.

Over the long term, Small-Cap stocks have outperformed Large-Cap stocks. However, this return advantage is not consistent, as Large-Cap stocks periodically enjoy long periods (typically 3-6 years) of superior return. Burney's investment strategy attempts to exploit this by adjusting portfolios to capture the opportunities available during both Large- and Small-Cap market phases.
Similarly, Value stocks have delivered higher returns than Growth stocks. However, cycles, typically 18-30 months long, periodically occur where the reverse is true. Burney's investment strategy strives to capture the opportunities available during both Value and Growth market phases.

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The Burney Advantage

While emotions often dominate in the short run, economic fundamentals drive stock prices over time.