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Our Philosophy

Although our analytical processes evolve with the market, our fundamental principles remain true to those first developed by Jack Burney half a century ago.

The Burney Advantage

Although stock prices gravitate toward their underlying fundamental worth over time, emotions affect stock prices in the short term. Burney's systematic, long-term approach evaluates the market's fundamental and emotional states, identifying opportunities to exploit and dangers to avoid.

Asset Allocation - Every Investor's Most Important Decision

While equities provide the greatest long-term return opportunity, non-equity allocations are used to create income, provide stability and enhance portfolio diversity. Bonds, Preferred Stocks, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and International Equities are the major diversifying assets. However, how much to allocate to each is much more than just a function of age. Temperament, investment experience, income requirements and an investor's true time horizon (investing for themselves vs. their heirs) are integral. Burney does not exercise discretion or offer asset allocation advice, but will execute other than all equity investment plans when directed to do so by a client.

Major Asset Class 'Real' Returns

Source: www.JeremySiegel.com


Burney analysts seek to exploit persistent market inefficiencies, or market pricing "mistakes." We are experts at identifying undervalued stocks. Our dynamic library contains over two thousand factors measuring five key company elements: Growth, Valuation, Profitability, Safety and Technical attributes. Burney's systematic, analytical approach, developed over the past 50 years, identifies opportunities and provides an effective way to enhance long-term return.

Tax Efficiency

Burney maximizes tax efficiency as a natural consequence of our patient investment approach. For taxable accounts, sizeable realized gains are typically deferred until long-term.

In addition to a sound philosophy, we provide a personal approach that represents a true partnership with our clients.


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A Long-term Approach

Burney’s systematic, long-term approach evaluates the market’s fundamental and emotional states, identifying opportunities to exploit and dangers to avoid.